Handle the Challenges in Digitalizing Your Business with SMS


We all know that digitalizing your business is crucial, but have you ever known about the challenges you may encounter during the process? Here we introduce you to the three main challenges during your business digitalization. 

​​​1. Data Security

Keeping the data safe is probably the most essential job for merchants in a digital time. Customers are sensitive about it. As a merchant, you need to protect customers’ data along the customer journey from the beginning to the end.
In protecting data security, 2FA (two-factors-authentication) is common usage in all kinds of industries. It uses a second method to verify the identity besides the account information. The second authentication could be a verification code, an email, a face scan, etc. The most commonly adopted method is a verification code through an SMS message.
Sending verification codes through SMS messages could be convenient for merchants. There are more than 7 billion cellphone users around the globe, which means almost everyone has a cellphone to receive SMS messages. With proper SMS services, merchants can send SMS messages to people around the world. It is cheap, fast, and easy. That’s why most merchants use SMS verifications for their user’s identity authentication.
With a verification code for account login, the user’s data security can be protected at a higher level. 

2. Scalable Solutions

To merchants in a digital time, it is the best time to scale your business fast in a digital way. People are searching, chatting, and staying online all the time. With the right tool, your business can spread to any corner of the earth. That’s what is thrilled about digital.
SMS can be the right tool to scale your business.
People read SMS messages. According to statistics, more than 90% of the SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes. Therefore, the SMS content you send to people is read with a high probability. It’s efficient.
Meanwhile, the cost is low. You can reach a million people all at once intimately, yet with an affordable budget. Think about other marketing methods. SMS messaging is a good tool both for a starter’s or a giant’s marketing campaign due to its convenience, low cost, and high open rate.

3. Seamless Customer Journey

What do customers care about the most in a digital time? They want a seamless customer journey.
They want to get support at a time when they have any inquiries. They want to connect easily with merchants they are interested in. They want to know more about the products when they need.
A seamless customer journey means that your customer will be taken good care of by you from the beginning to the end. From the first sight, they see your brand until they make a purchase and want an after-sale service. It also means you never lose one single customer.
How can SMS help you with that?
It’s easy. SMS message, in the end, is a tool for you to connect with your customers. Send verification codes when they log in. Send support information when they inquire. Send them notifications when there is a new promotion. Send them birthday and festival wishes on specific days. Send them any information that you would like to convey.
Customers are not always online. Even in digital time, a merchant may not reach a customer in time. Not with the SMS messages. That’s probably the most powerful function of the SMS message: To supplement the offline void in digital time.
Therefore, the SMS message may be a must tool for merchants to build a seamless customer journey in digital time.


The SMS message can be too normal that people may ignore its power. Even the most notable brands use SMS messages to aid business in today’s digital world. The challenges are real, yet the solution is there. Start your SMS journey to handle the above three challenges in digitalizing your business.

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