SK 32 SMS Series (32-32,32-128,32-256,32-512)

SK 32 Series SMS Gateway is a 32-channel GSM SMS Gateway used to smoothly transit between mobile and networks for the transmission of SMS. 1 Channel Support 4-10 ports SIM Cards switching, which allows a great performance for cost-saving Integrated GSM/LTE connectivity. it is suitable for enterprises, multi-site organizations, marketing, and areas with limited landlines like rural areas to cut down marketing costs and enable easy & efficient communications.

SIM Rotation

32 Channels SMS Gateway

  • Web Management and Control Remotely
  • SMS Send Speed up to 85 SMS per Minute per Port
  • Auto SIM Switch by Different Conditions
  • 2G/3G/4G Models all Available
  • Free SMS Software for Bulk SMS Sending,Receiving and Forwarding Online
  • HTTP SMS API/USSD API/AT Command/SMPP Server/Client for Intergrate Your Systems Easily
  • Free Firmware Version Update Online and Free Lifetime Tech Support


  • SMS Marketing Campaign-Bulk SMS
  • Receive SMS online
  • SMS Forward to Third Party
  • SMPP Connectivity
  • Human Behavior Features
  • OTP and Verified SMS

Easy Management


* Remote Login and Manage in Different Locations
* Bulk SMS Sending, Receiving and Forwarding
* Support Maximum 32 Sim Cards Work at Same Time
* AT /USSD Command
* SMS forwarding to Email or SMS forwarding by HTTP
* Anti-Sim Blockage Features
* MMS Sending
* IMEI Change
* SMS to Email
* 800-900 SMS sending speed per minute each channel; Instantly SMS Receive
* Support Maximum 16 Sim Cards for rotation each channel

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