SK 32 Voice Series (32-32,32-128,32-256,32-512)

SK 32 Series VoIP Gateway is a 32-channel GSM VoIP Gateway used to smoothly transit between mobile and VoIP networks for transmission of voice and SMS. 1 channel supports 4-8 ports SIM Cards switching, which allows a great performance for cost saving. Integrated GSM connectivity and SIP protocol compatible with mainstream VoIP platforms, it is suitable for enterprises, multi-site organizations, call terminators and areas with limited landline like rural area to cut down telephone costs and enable easy & efficient communications.

SIM Rotation

32-Channel VoIP GSM Gateway

  • GSM/UMTS/4G support(with differnt modules )
  • Hot Swappable SIM Cards
  • Compatible with mainstream VoIP platform
  • SMS sending & receiving


  • Mobile connectivity for SIP IP Phone System
  • Mobile Trunking for Multi-site offices
  • GSM as Voice Backup Trunks
  • Land-line replacement for rural area
  • Bulk SMS service

Easy Management



32 SIM slots, 32 antennas API
Polarity Reversal HTTPS/HTTP Web Configuration
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz Port and Port Group
PIN Management Configure Backup/Restore
SIP v2.0, RFC3261 Caller/Called Number Manipulation
SMS/USSD Firmware Upgrade by HTTP/TFTP
Codecs: G.711A/U , G.723.1, G.729AB SIP Codes Mapping
SMS to Email, Email to SMS CDR(10000 Lines Storage Locally)
Echo Cancellation White/Black List
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