SK SMS Pool Series

SK SIM Pool 128/256/512 is equipment that can integrate storage SIM cards. The maximum capacity is 128/256/512 SIMs. It can be perfectly compatible with SKYLINE VOIP&SMS series gateways. With a SIM server, SIM Pool can easily communicate with gateways via an IP network. In this way, we can manage the SIM cards remotely all in one SIM POOL.

SIM Rotation

128-256-512 Ports SIM POOL

  • QoS Support
  • Hot Swap SIM Cards
  • Remote Manage of SIM Cards
  • Dynamic Allocation of SIM Cards
  • Protect SIM Cards from Blocking


  • Support SK Series GATEWAY
  • Seperate SIM Card and Gateway
  • Remote control SIMs for Gateway
  • Manage SIMs all in one place for gateway

Easy Management


* Remote Login and Manage in Different Locations
* Bulk SMS Sending, Receiving and Forwarding
* Support 8 Sim Cards Work at Same Time
* AT /USSD Command
* Support SMPP / HTTP API
* Anti-Sim Blockage Features
* MMS Sending
* IMEI Change
* SMS to Email
* Maximun SMS Send Speed 684 sms per minute; Instantly SMS Receive

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