SMS Use Cases in the Streaming Service


Streaming service

Streaming is transferring media content through the Internet. It is capable of any media content, including Podcasts, webcasts, movies, TV shows, and music videos, recorded or live.

A streaming service means a platform that provides media content through the Internet. The famous streaming platforms are Apple TV, Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. 

OTT service

An over-the-top (OTT) media service is a media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet. 

It is the same as the streaming service. So, the next time you hear about OTT media, OTT company, or OTT service, please remember it refers to the streaming service.

SMS in the streaming service

SMS can be a good help in many aspects of the streaming service. There are 6 mainstream use cases.

1. Account

One of the important functions that SMS can offer is account verification. When new user registers, the streaming platform can send a verification code through SMS to the user to verify the validation of the phone number. A valid phone number is essential to the platform cause it offers an exclusive channel to protect users’ data. And also, it is a communication method between the platform and the user. With valid phone numbers, the platform can build long-term relationships with users.

2. Marketing

Another key function that SMS serves is marketing. SMS can reach the largest group of people simultaneously at a relatively low cost. There are billions of people who have cellphones in the world. They don’t need to install any additional apps to receive an SMS message. It is a default function of all cellphones. Streaming platforms that operate globally can reach a global audience with SMS messages without the Internet. Therefore SMS is a good way to develop new users. You can tell new people about your service through SMS. You can invite new people to join your platform through SMS. And they can even create an account with SMS. To know more details, you can check this article: Social Apps Are Using SMS Messages to Take Over the Market.

3. Payment

Regarding the payments, SMS can be a necessary tool to assure the users. When users make a payment, the platform can send an SMS message to confirm users of receiving the payment. When problems are occurring, SMS messages can inform the users and keep them updated. To connect with the user, it is necessary to use SMS messages to assist with sensitive issues like making payments. 

4. Algorithm

To the streaming service, the algorithm is the key. It uses an algorithm to provide customized services to different users. One customized service is to recommend the users’ favorite movies or shows. The platform will look into the opening data to see whether the algorithm is effective or not. Users would cancel the recommending function due to a variety of reasons. At this moment, the platform can send an SMS message to express an apology and offer other possible choices to make the user engage again. Some algorithms and services may not satisfy everyone. And an SMS message is an intimate but not disturbing way to connect with the user again. It’s all about reaching the user at the right time. 

5. Customer service

SMS can be effective in customer service too. When users have different requirements and questions about the service, they can reach the platform through SMS. It is a convenient and fast way to connect. The platform can preset the answers to different inquiries and reply to the users automatically. As a streaming platform, you can design some SMS templates in advance and put different user information into the templates automatically and send them out. You can reach millions of users simultaneously, answering their questions, and saving a lot of human work. Using SMS for customer service is much more effective and cost-saving than without one.

6. PR

SMS can be a good way to handle PR issues with a user base. Your users will get a response from you directly. It is a good way to build trust with them. You’d better handle PR issues fast. And people expect you to be honest. If you choose to respond with SMS messages, be honest. If not, the result would be worse than not saying anything at all. 


These are the 6 common usages of SMS in a streaming platform. The goal of the SMS is to connect with users more, increase users engagement, and serve them better. Always reach your users at the right time. 

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